Who Uses LED Flashlights?

LED flashlights users come from all over the professional and non-professional world. The compact size of these flashlights, their high lumen light output, and overall reliability make these flashlights indispensible to many users.


Military users of these flashlights abound, especially for LED tactical flashlights. In many cases, these flashlights were not military issued, but were purchased by the users themselves; or provided by family members. Many soldiers have taken their led flashlights into combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan; using them as personal carry lights on combat missions and also as weapon flashlights. Other military users have used them in their lines of work as equipment and aircraft repairmen, supporting combat personnel in their operations. The small size of LED flashlights and their high luminous flux makes these tools easy to carry and use and practical for illuminating any situation where lighting is needed.

Like military users, powerful LED flashlights have devoted followers in law enforcement and with providers of emergency services. Police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians all find uses for high lumen LED flashlights. Many will keep a second one nearby for backup. As with military users, law enforcement personnel use them as personal carry lights and as weapon flashlights while on patrol.

Workmen in industry also find high output LED flashlights useful in their trades, where illuminating small, dark spaces is necessary, or where the ambient light available is insufficient for their tasks. These small, but bright flashlights can be clipped to a pocket or carried in a small holster and forgotten until about they are needed. The robustness of LED flashlights is also an important factor, as they get dropped, exposed to moisture, or generally rough-handled.

Doctors and nurses find uses for LED pen-flashlights, which can be stuck in a shirt pocket and pulled out to examine patients or read charts.

Many people use LED flashlights at home or in their personal activities. They take them with them if they go out at night into their yards or neighborhoods. They use them in dark attics or garages. Outdoor enthusiasts take them on camping, hiking and biking trips.

Many users become so devoted to their LED flashlights that they consider them “everyday-carry” items. The small size and compactness of these flashlights makes them easy to carry at all times.

 Streamlight LED Flashlights – Innovative Illumination Products for Your Personal Lighting Needs


Streamlight, Inc. has been developing innovative lighting products since the company’s foundation in 1973. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Streamlight designs, manufactures and markets high-performance lighting, weapon light/laser sighting devices and vehicle solar charging devices for professional law enforcement, military, firefighting, industrial, automotive and outdoor applications. The company holds more than 110 U.S. and foreign patents, and its products are sold in over 40 countries. Streamlight is a pioneer in the development of rechargeable lights, and the company helped to revolutionize the use of LED lighting in flashlights and other portable/hand-held lighting devices.

Streamlight LED lighting products include flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and weapon lights. Streamlight’s innovative C4® LED technology, which utilizes uses the C4® Photonic Crystal, combined with Streamlight’s engineered reflector and proprietary Micro Optical System, gives Streamlight LED flashlights optimized output and run time. C4® technology almost triples the brightness compared to basic LEDs and creates an intense beam that pierces the darkness. C4® gives the long-run times and indestructibility of an LED with a new level of brightness that leaves other LEDs in the dark. C4® approximates the range and brightness of a xenon bulb.

Streamlight LED flashlights are durably constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and have unbreakable polycarbonate lenses. Many Streamlight LED flashlights have multi-mode operation, activated by easy to use multi-function switches. Most are impervious to shock and are water resistant to a 1-meter depth for up to 30 minutes. Their LED lighting elements have a 50,000 hour lifetime, guaranteeing their owners many years of use. Many Streamlight LED flashlight models use common and easy to find battery types, such as AA, AAA, and C. Other Streamlight lighting products are rechargeable. The compact size of these flashlights make them great for everyday carry—just slip one in your pocket or purse, or clip it to your belt, and it will be handy when you need to illuminate something. They are also great to stash in your vehicle glove box, a nearby desk drawer, or in a handy place where they can be easily reached when you need some extra light to see something. Streamlight LED flashlights offer great quality at a price that will not hurt your pocketbook too hard, either.