Top 6 Best Electric Thermo Pots 2017

Electric Thermo Pot Reviews 2017

Check out the 6 Best Electric Thermo Pots on the market right now:

#1. Zojirushi CV-DSC40 VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer, Stainless Steel

  • The Zojirushi VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer keeps water hot energy efficiently with vacuum insulation technology
  • This item features super VE vacuum-electric hybrid keep-warm system
  • With a large 4-liter capacity, this water boiler and warmer comes in handy when serving hot beverages at a party, meeting, or other large gathering
  • The unit’s stainless-steel double insulation wall keeps water hot with minimum electricity, while its “Cafe Drip” dispensing mode allows for slower dispensing
  • Multiple temperature settings include 175, 195, and 208 degrees F, re-boiling at 212 degrees F
  • The appliance features a micro-computerized temperature-control system, and its control panel displays the actual water temperature at all times
  • Other highlights include a convenient timer function that can be set from 6 to 10 hours
  • An easy-to-read large wraparound Panorama Window water-level gauge
  • A detachable magnetic 3-foot power cord, automatic safety shut-off
  • An audible beep indicator to alert the completion of the boiling process or a low water level
  • The unit’s clear-coated stainless-steel exterior cleans easily and nicely accommodates any kitchen decor, domestic or commercial
  • The 840-watt water boiler and warmer measures 8-3/4 by 11-1/8 by 13-7/8 inches

Best Electric Hot Water Dispensers 2017Pros: fast delivery, 4 liters of hot water on demand throughout the day, it is the most convenient thing ever, electric pump is strong and smooth, have hot coffee or tea every morning with little to no effort, quiet, keep water warm for quite long time, energy-saving timer function which is nice, the lid is removable for clean, plays nice music …

Cons: expensive but definitely worth the high price






#2. Tiger Coporation PDH-B30U Electric Water Heater, 3-Liter

  • 3.0 liter electric water dispenser
  • 3-temperture setting
  • Energy saving sleep timer
  • Citric acid cleaning function
  • Removable lid for easy cleaning
  • Non-stick inner container for easy cleaning

Best Electric Hot Water DispensersPros: high quality, small and compact, space saving water heater, it is so quiet, very fast to heat up, temperature control is also a nice touch, saves your time and energy brewing tea and coffee, 6 hour delay is great and a great energy saver, the re-boil feature is really nice, very low maintenance …

Cons: the instructions were difficult to read …

=> Tiger-Coporation-PDH-B30U-Electric-Water-Heater,3-Liter





#3. Zojirushi CD-WBC40-TS Micom 4-Liter Electric Water Boiler and Warmer

  • Zojirushi Micom water boiler and warmer has a micro computerized temperature control and electric dispensing system
  • It has four keep warm temperature settings: 140, 175, 195, 208 degree F
  • This unit displays actual water temperature at all times
  • It is also has an energy saving timer function (6 – 10 hours) and automatically turns on the boiler at a later time to save electricity
  • Steam-save function automatically lowers the power just before boiling to reduce the amount of stem emitting from the steam vent
  • Cafe’ drip dispensing mode decreases the amount of water dispensed to 60% of the normal setting, making it suitable for brewing cafe’ drip coffee

Best Electric Hot Water Dispenser 2017Pros: superb quality, convenient morning hot water, large container with efficient boiling speed, you can choose the temperature you want, boils water quickly, provide hot water perfect temperature, love the internal water pump with a lock, recommend to anyone that brews tea everyday …

Cons: power cord very easily gets disconnected, the inside isn’t removable …

=> Zojirushi-CD-WBC40-TS-Micom-4-Liter-Electric-Water-Boiler-and-Warmer





#4. Panasonic NC-EH40PC Water Boiler 4.2-Quart with Temperature Selector

  • Whether hosting a business meeting, catering an event, or simply upping the convenience quota of everyday life, Panasonic’s electric thermal hot pot makes it easy to quickly and safely boil and dispense hot water–perfect for anything from tea, instant coffee, and hot cocoa to instant soup, noodles, baby food, and more
  • The exceptionally versatile unit can be used throughout the day for various applications and at different temperature settings
  • The pot’s fold-down carrying handle makes it effortless to transport from the sink for filling to the buffet table or counter when entertaining guests or working in the kitchen
  • Choose between heating water to a rolling boil (212 degrees F) or keeping it hot at one of the following Keep Warm temperature settings: 208, 190, 180, or 140 degrees F
  • The unit can also be set to start boiling up to six hours later thanks to its energy-saving timer
  • The thoughtfully designed hot pot gracefully dispenses hot water from its built-in spout with a gentle press of the button
  • Other highlights include a non-stick coated interior
  • An easy-to-read water-level gauge
  • An LED control panel with handy indicator lights
  • A low-water-level warning, and protection against overheating for peace of mind, as well as de-chlorination mode, which boils water for a longer amount of time to help reduce the taste and amount of chlorine for better tasting beverages (great for tap water high in chlorination)

Best Electric Hot Water DispenserPros: the price is reasonable, hot water with a push of a button any time, ability to customize your water temperature, warms the water very quickly, genius for excessive tea drinkers, nice to have self pumping, love the timer, has a cord that detaches for safety, convenient manipulate button …

Cons: makes a relatively loud noise when boiling …

=> Panasonic-NC-EH40PC-Water-Boiler-4.2-Quart-with-Temperature-Selector





#5. HOMEIMAGE 3.2 Liter Electric Thermo Hot Pot – HI-EKA32L

  • The HOMEIMAGE electric thermo pot provides you instant hot water to make that perfect cup of coffee or tea without the wait to boil your water every time
  • Just set the temperate by choosing one of the preset temperatures and forget it
  • It can store up to 3.2 Liter of water for all day use
  • The inner stainless steel housing is free of chemicals and the outer brushed stainless steel is durable and looks great in any environment at home or office
  • You can pump water manually, or through simple push of a button
  • 600W for boiling. 18 to 45W for warming

Electric Hot Water Dispenser Reviews 2017Pros: great hot pot at this price, quality is decent for the price, stainless steel interior and control functions, can be adjust to the different temperature, have hot water all the time, love the three different way to pump water, the water heats instantly and is ready for those tea only drinkers …

Cons: the stickers that come on the pot are very hard to remove …

=> HOMEIMAGE-3.2-Liter-Electric-Thermo-Hot-Pot-HI-EKA32L





#6. Rosewill R-HAP-01 Electric 4 L Hot Water Dispenser

  • Easily serve hot beverages to a crowd with Rosewill’s R-HAP-01 electric hot-water dispenser
  • The unit holds up to 4.0 liters of water, and offers three temperature settings – suitable for instant food, tea (208F), coffee (195F), milk powder (175F) – plus keep warm (140F)
  • For safety and thermal efficiency purposes, it features a micro-computerized temperature-control system bottom heater
  • Its user-friendly design includes a re-boil design, auto-clean function, night-light indicator, and a 360-degree rotatable base for easy access from any direction
  • Attractively housed in a stainless steel outer shell with a stainless steel inner pot, the R-HAP-01 hot-water dispenser gives a sophisticated look

Electric Hot Water Dispenser ReviewsPros: quick delivery, safely packaged, inexpensive and convenient, the price is great for the quality, have a secure lock, love the size of this 4l water heater, small enough to fit on the counter nicely, has three temperature options, boil water fast, great hot water constantly anytime …

Cons: water gauge is hard to read …

=> Rosewill-R-HAP-01-Electric-4-L-Hot-Water-Dispenser


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