Top 28 Best Men’s Hiking Boots 2017

Buying Guide

Making the best hiking boots guide isn’t easy, but we will try to give you the most essential information and the guide you need for choosing the best boots for your need.

Best Mens Hiking Boots

With the right kind and the best hiking boots, you can make your outside ventures a lot more enjoyable and adventurous. However, if you don’t pay careful attention to what you are buying, you could end up with hiking boots that are uncomfortable and extremely painful. Therefore, if you really do want to enjoy your mountaineering expeditions and ensure that the boots that you have bought will help keep your legs healthy and energized, you should read this simple guide to discover everything there is about selecting the best hiking shoes.

However, before scrolling down for the info you need, remember that as long as you pay close attention to the tips mentioned in this guide and actually implement them while selecting your new shoe, you will without a doubt have an extremely enjoyable hiking session with your friends or family. So, now that that is out of the way, here are the golden tips for buying the best hiking boots.

Factors to Look for When Choosing the Best Hiking Boot

1. The Hiking Location or Place

If you are planning a light and easy day hike, it is recommended that you stay away from beefy backpacking boots and instead opt for mountain climbing shoes that are perfect for this kind of thing. However, if you do manage to find good quality mountaineering boot that you are comfortable with, you can use it for day hikes as well. Remember that there is a wide variety of hiking boots and shoes out there. However, each of these suits a particular adventure, so you should choose wisely. More about the different sorts of hiking boots out there are a little further on in this guide.

2. Comfortable Fit

One of the key deciding factors when purchasing a pair of shoes, sandals and boots is its fit and the level of comfort that it provides. Likewise, when you are in the process of selecting a hiking boot, it is crucial that you make sure that it is the right fit for you.

The three factors that will play an important role in providing you with the perfect fit are:

  • Width: On your hunt for the best hiking boots, you will note that the overall width (especially that of the toe box) is immensely important for the comfort of your feet. The hiking boot that you are considering should have enough space so that your feet don’t feel compressed. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be so wide that your feet slide around in your footwear.
  • Length: The length of your boot should be such that your toes and feet can easily wiggle inside. Remember that even though you might have to adjust or break into the shoes a little, they shouldn’t be cramped. This is especially important if you have hammertoes or some kind of foot issues which heighten their sensitivity.
  • Volume: A lot of people confuse the volume of a mountaineering shoe with the width, but the truth is that they are not the same. When you talk about the width of the shoe, you are basically talking about the platform beneath your foot, whereas the volume is the entire area available for your foot. Therefore, while selecting mountain boots, make sure that the bulk of your foot fits securely inside the boot.

Keep in mind that the thing which will be most helpful in selecting the right and the best hiking boots is the REI footwear knowledge. If this is a new term to you, don’t worry; it’s mentioned in detail right here in this guide.

Types of Hiking Boots – Best Men’s Hiking Boots 2017

If you don’t know this already, there are four different hiking boots that are used by hikers around the world. By knowing about each of the hiking shoes and mountain climbing boot in detail, you will be able to make an informed decision and a sound investment in a new pair. So, here are the four categories in which the REI sorts the hiking footwear.

1. Best Light Hiking Shoes – Trail Running or Adventure Racing Shoes

If you are on the lookout for hiking shoes that you can tag along on your day hike, these light shoes will be your perfect companion. These are generally called running shoes because they have low cut models that have flexible midsoles. Because of these features, these are ideal for day hikes. In fact, there are a lot of light backpackers who use light-hiking footwear for long distance journeys even if they don’t plan to do any running or rock climbing.

2. Best Hiking or Approach Boots

This special kind of mountaineering boots is meant for those who love weekend backpacking trips with slightly lighter loads. These are mid- or high-cut footwear that provides the flexibility needed while you are hiking. Even though these boots are not recommended for long, tiresome and tough hikes, they are perfect for those looking for shoes that will provide support while climbing small hills and other such places.

3. Best Backpacking Boots – Cross Hikers Boots

Slightly on a lower level than very strong and durable mountaineering boots are backpacking boots. They are designed so that they can carry loads of varying weights on trips that stretch on multiple days. They are supportive, durable and have stiffer midsoles than light hiking boots. However, you should know that there is a huge variety of hiking boots nowadays, so you will find many companies offering shoes that are between light hiking, hiking and backpacking shoes. Therefore, you should always make sure of selecting the right footwear for your purposes and feet.

4. Best Mountaineering Boots – Heavy Boots

Finally, the ultimate hiking boot category is that of mountaineering boots. These shoes are designed to take on even the heaviest weight, accept crampons for glacier travels, and will keep your feet happy throughout the journey. These rock climbing boots are tough, durable and extremely supportive. Depending on the path you plan to take, these boots will surely help you stay on track.

Boot Materials and Construction

1. Upper Boot Materials

Those who have ample experience in hiking will know that the upper boot material is crucial when deciding the quality of the boot. After all, the material has an impact on the boot’s weight, breathability, water resistance and durability. So, here are some of the materials used in the best hiking boot.

2. Split grain Leather

In case you’re wondering, this material earned its name because it splits away the rougher inner part of the cowhide from the smooth exterior. It is beneficial because it is less costly and won’t be heavy on your pocket. However, the downside is that it offers less resistance to water and abrasion. Still, there are some companies that combine the spilt grain leather with waterproof liners. In addition, the material is often paired with nylon mesh or nylon to provide lightweight and breathable comfort for the wearer.

3. Full Grain Leather

This material provides excellent durability, abrasion resistance and water resistance. It is mostly used in backpacking boots that are built for extended trips, rugged terrain and heavy loads. Even though these are not as light or breathable as nylon and split grain combinations, they are perfect for long hikes. However, you must know that boots that come with this type of leather will need ample time for you to break into if they are to be worn comfortably.

4. Nubuck Leather

This kind of leather is actually full grain leather that is buffed to look like suede. Nubuck leather is water resistant, abrasion resistant and also very durable. Even though it requires the same time to break into as full grain leather, it is quite flexible and comfortable in the end.

5. Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather, a combination of nylon and polyester, is most commonly found in modern mountaineering boots. The good thing about this material is that it is quite light, making any shoe made from it easy to break into. Even though synthetic leather shoes are not completely water resistant, they do dry a lot quicker and cost a lot less than shoes and boots made from natural leather. However, if you are looking for hiking shoes that are durable, this material might not be your best option as it can wear out quicker than others.

6. Waterproof Linings

Boots that labeled as “waterproof are those which have a waterproof or breathable membrane constructed with the upper. These membranes are either made up of Gore-Tex® or eVent®. Of course, these shoes work well with conditions that are moist and extremely wet. However, the downside of these waterproof linings is that their breathability is reduced considerable due to the membranes. As a result, you are bound to feel dry and warm, especially in summer days.

An important tip to remember about the leather used in mountain boots is that they should always be treated with a waterproofing product that is recognized to keep the dust and dirt from affecting the waterproof lining later on.


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